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Your support of Hopkins School is instrumental in enabling our faculty and students to innovate, thrive, and meet new challenges head on. Read on to learn more about the impact of your generosity. 

Thank you.

To Our Community Members and Friends,


2021–2022 can be characterized as a year of reflection, affirmation, gratitude, and forward-looking change. Emerging from the pandemic, we took time to reflect on the support that enabled us to overcome hardship and reestablish all the traditions that define our school community. At the end of the year, with thanks and gratitude, we bid farewell to former Head of School, Kai Bynum, and welcomed an exciting new era under Head of School, Matt Glendinning. Throughout that time and continuing today, we have walked hand-in-hand with Hopkins alumni, parents, former parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends, whose encouragement and support continue to make all things possible.

We are pleased to represent and honor these many donors and volunteers through Hopkins School’s 2021–2022 Annual Report. 

Your support continues to lead the way as we work to realize our vision for the Hopkins of tomorrow.

From all of us,

Financial Overview

2021–2022 OVERVIEW



Total Enrollment

Average Class Size

Students Supported by Financial Aid

Tuition per Student


Endowment per Student







Total Gifts & Pledges to All Funds

Gifts & Pledges to Capital & Endowment

Gifts to the Hopkins Fund

$9.17 Million

$6.24 Million


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